Yoos necklace: a Ceva innovation for the joint comfort of dogs

Collier Yoos pour le confort articulaire du chien The Yoos necklace diffuses soothing essential oils for the dog’s joints.

Osteoarthritis is a very common condition in older dogs, and joint discomfort may even occur prematurely in heavy, overweight or severely injured joints. To relieve the pain caused by osteoarthritis treatments exist in the form of tablets, injections and this year, the Ceva laboratory has innovated by putting on the market a new care in the form of a collar to relieve joint pain of dogs…

The first signs of osteoarthritis may be: reluctance to activity, lack of tone or spirit, stiffness of movement, cold lameness (at sunrise or after lying down), difficulties with walk, jump or run … Better then act quickly not to enter the vicious circle: when the dog hurts it moves as little as possible, which accentuates even more the pain related to osteoarthritis. It is advisable to maintain a minimum of physical exercise to avoid aggravation, but for this it is essential to treat the pain.

It is therefore essential to act at the first signs of pain.

Until today you could give chondroprotective : food supplements that nourish the joints and contain compounds that also act on pain and consult your veterinarian, who could implement an anti-inflammatory treatment. Medicalized foods to support the joints also exist.

Ceva has developed Yoos , a practical and innovative necklace to soothe joint pain, so we have a new form of treatment.

Yoos contains a blend of soothing essential oils that help relieve joint pain:

  • Gaultheria essential oil, which contains methyl salicylate, which degrades to salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is none other than aspirin, so we understand the pain-relieving effect of this essential oil.
  • Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil

These essential oils spread regularly in the body of the animal and penetrate through the skin for better joint comfort . It is necessary to place the collar in contact with the skin of your dog for a better diffusion. The compounds penetrate through the skin and are then taken to the joints via the bloodstream.

Yoos therefore promotes the mobility of the older dog and helps joint comfort. It is scientifically proven (Mono-Centric Field Proof of Concept Study on YOOS collar, Study report no: CLT / D932 / 1618, Romain Delcombel, DVM, PhD, Ceva Animal Health, 2016.). The first results are visible from 3 days.

Thanks to its patented polymer matrix, the Yoos collar allows a gradual and controlled release of soothing essential oils. Its soothing action lasts for 30 days.

Dog owners who have used Yoos speak of a ” new youth “, a “happier” dog and an “easy to use” product.

Discover now the Yoos necklace for the joint comfort of the dog .


Good to know :

– the perception of the smell of the collar fades quickly and is halved after about 3 days.

– the Yoos collar can be used at the same time as chondroprotectors, their actions are complementary. The Yoos collar acts on the discomfort while the chondroprotective and specific foods for dogs with articular sensitivity, protect the cartilage to prevent its degradation.

– The Yoos collar can be kept in case of simple bathing but must be removed during shampooing.

– It is not recommended to use the Yoos collar at the same time as a pest control collar.

– The Yoos collar is not suitable for cats: it contains wintergreen essential oil that contains a derivative of acetylsalicylic acid. However, this substance can be toxic in cats.

Photo credit Ceva.

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