Tips to know before adopting a dog.


Adopting a dog is a decision that changes a life. Welcoming a dog at home and in your heart is like receiving a huge dose of love and I’m sure you’re ready for it.

But all this love also carries a lot of responsibilities, and it is imperative that you are ready for that too.

So before taking the step of adoption, here are questions that any future master should ask (and if you already have a dog you should already know the answers.


Adoption is for life

Every year thousands of dogs are abandoned by their masters who are no longer able or unwilling to take care of them. Some find a place in a shelter and others do not.

Depending on the breed and size of your future dog, he will live between 10 and 20 years. Adopting a dog is a long-term commitment, many things can evolve in 10 or 20 years in your life.

I know you can not predict the future, but think about it, from the moment you adopt a dog you commit to taking care of it.

It will be necessary to include it in all your projects, all your decisions: change of career, change of residence, change of lifestyle, holidays, …



Are you ready to exercise with your dog?



A dog requires a lot of physical and psychological stimulation to be in shape. Veterinarians recommend at least 20 minutes of exercise a day (walking, jogging, agility, Frisbee to you to see what you prefer).

Before adopting a dog think about your typical day and ask yourself if you will have enough time to get your new friend out, at least if you think you can make time for it, if you will be able to do it also when it rains or when it’s snowing.

Your dog will also need psychological stimulation and unfortunately we do not forget how important it is. Your dog will need to be stimulated for at least an hour a day through games, training exercises or just spending time with him and bonding with him.

Are you ready to study
the wonderful world of dogs?

It should be known that a large number of masters abandon their dogs for behavior problems.

It’s something that makes me crazy!

Every year thousands of dogs are abandoned because their masters are incompetent and do not bother to train!

With the proper training and socialization methods, these dogs would have no problem behavior and would be perfect companions.

Educate your dog, that can be learned. It is necessary to be informed, to read books, Internet sites to understand his dog and to know how to communicate with him.

You must start training your dog as soon as possible.

Start with easy things like sitting, lying, not moving, also working on cleanliness, recall, in short you have a lot to learn, much more than your dog.

Do not hesitate to seek help from other teachers or consult a canine educator if things get out of hand.

Do you have the budget for your dog?


Many homeowners are surprised at the real cost of owning a dog. The truth is that a dog can quickly become a big investment.

You will need to feed 2 to 3 times a day and equip yourself to meet his needs.

Bowls, collars, leashes, crates, toys, all accessories for your dog have a cumulative cost.

You may think that they are not all obligatory but do not veil the face some of them sound.

But your expenses will not stop there! To this will be added the daily care for your dog.

You will need a toothbrush, toothpaste, cleans your dog’s eyes and clean his ears, special dog shampoo that does not attack his skin …

There are also health expenses, are you ready to take your dog to the veterinarian once a year, make him do his vaccines? Are you ready to face any health problems?

Finally, there is the expense of your education to become the best teacher. Are you ready to spend a few dollars to train yourself, to learn how to educate your dog?

In short, as a rule one underestimates the real cost of adopting a dog. I assure you these expenses will be very little compared to what you will bring your dog daily. But we must still think before adopting.

Are you ready to create a healthy environment for your dog?

Another reality of great sadness, every year thousands of dogs stupidly die in domestic accidents.

A dog, and even more if you adopt a puppy, it’s a bit like a child, if there is a mistake to make, it will do! It’s up to you to make sure he’s safe.

You can find very good books to guide you with the adoption of a new dog, as well as a lot of information to secure your home.

Before adopting a dog, prepare to make some modifications of your little interior to be sure that your dog will not risk anything. Work on training your dog as soon as possible (and especially the reminder) because there are orders that can literally save his life!


What will happen to your dog if you are no longer there?


Here again it’s important to think about it, even if it’s not necessarily nice to think about these things.

But it’s up to you to anticipate what will happen to your dog if you’re no longer there to do it.

Any master should have a plan for his dog, a trusted person who can take over in case of emergency, accident, serious illness, …

Talk to your family, friends or trusted people and let them know what you would like them to do for your dog when needed.

You can even do it in writing, do it officially. No one will throw the stone at you for taking the lead and thinking about your dog’s future.

So, are you ready to adopt a dog?

If you have the answers to these questions, you are surely ready to adopt a dog. You are ready for the unconditional love, loyalty, and joy that a dog can bring you on a daily basis.

If you have a few things to add to this list, do not hesitate to do so, leave a comment, you may be helping a future master and his dog! And if you know someone who is thinking about adopting a dog, share this article with her, it can help her get better.

Please take time to leave a comment, I would like to hear from you.

You devoted Kikie xx


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