The dog fountain – Is it good to have one ?

KikieHi, it’s Kikie your prefered little Morkie. today i will talk about dogs fountains.

There are dogs that systematically refuse to drink water from their bowls. Too hot, a little dirty, just not attractive enough … all the reasons are good! Fortunately, the dog fountain exists to satisfy these animals a little too difficult.

As you will discover in the next few minutes, the water fountain offers a host of health benefits and stimulation for your pet. It is also very practical! Drinkwell-360



Summary of the article

1) The benefits of buying a fountain.
2) Best fountain for big dog.
3) Best fountain for small dog.
4) Plastic, stainless steel or ceramic ?
5) Frequently asked questions.

The benefits of buying a fountain

Some fear investing in this accessory because of its price: indeed, the price of a good fountain can vary between $ 40 and $ 120, depending on the material used and the storage capacity. Yet when you look at the amounts invested in food, toys and visits to the vet, the purchase price of a fountain is no longer scary!

Here are several good reasons to take the plunge .:

Freshness and filtration: The water of the fountain is purer thanks to the filtration system. Moreover, as it is constantly circulating, it remains fresh and better oxygenated, which will make it more appreciated by the dog who will drink more water this way .

Better health: It is well known that drinking lots of water has a great positive impact on health for both humans and dogs! First, it is dangerous to become dehydrated if you do not drink enough, especially in the summer when the temperature goes higher. In addition, kidney health is strongly correlated with water consumption , as it eliminates the toxins produced by the body !

Convenience: Are you fed up with the water bowl being dirty after half a day? As the fountain can last up to a week before changing the water and cleaning it, you reduce the chore to a minimum. It is also very useful if you decide to go on vacation.

Best fountain for big dog

For larger dog specimens, such as the Royal Pooddle or the Labrador , we recommend using Petsafe’s “Big Dog” fountain












Here are three things to consider:

Storage capacity: For doggies that move a lot of air, it is important to choose a fountain that can receive more than one liter of water at a time! The Big Dog has a capacity of 2.25 gallons (8.5 liters), which is ample for several days.

Height: A bowl of water that is too low can be uncomfortable for the dog and cause joint pain. It is therefore important to buy a model like this one, which is designed especially for large dogs. (Of course, the Chihuahua may not appreciate this kind fountain)

Plastic: Small warning: if you have noticed that your dog is allergic to plastic, opt for a drinking trough made of stainless steel or ceramic. There are several on the market, although their price often exceeds $ 100.

Best fountain for little dog

Again, although much more expensive models exist on the market, we decided to go with a small fountain very popular among owners of cats and small dogs: the Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow.












Often sold for less than $ 50, it has a capacity of 1.5 liters and is relatively quiet, making it a great buy for those who want to enjoy the benefits of water without paying the full price.


Plastic, ceramic or stainless steel?

The two fountains presented above are made of plastic; however, it is important to mention that other more “high-end” materials, such as ceramics or stainless steel, are sometimes preferred.

Plastic: Plastic fountains stand out at a significantly lower price. However, we suggest staying away if your pet has allergy symptoms, as is sometimes the case with plastic. It is also necessary to plan a cleaning a little more frequent so that the surface remains beautiful with the years.

Ceramic: The water fountain made of ceramic is prettier than the other two. It tends to get dirty more slowly than the other two materials but the crabs must be wary: it is more fragile.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel should be cleaned frequently to keep it looking good, but these fountains are very strong and the coating slows down the accumulation of bacteria.


Where to Place the Fountain

Whether water is in a dog bowl or fountain there will be some type of splashing going on. Place the fountain on a hard surface floor that is easy to clean and will not become damaged from exposure to water.

You can also place the fountain on a food placemat to protect your flooring. Avoid placing the fountain in high traffic areas in your home to prevent slip and fall accidents from water spillage due to your dog’s use of the fountain.

Take notes that you want to place the fountain near a power source, because they are electricity powered in the most case.

frequently asked Questions

Are the fountains noisy?

In general, these accessories know how to integrate subtly with the environment of the house. The noise occurs especially when the water level is dangerously low, so if you are diligent in filling the tank, there are no fears to have. Check other buyers’ comments to reassure you!

Can I wash my appliance in the dishwasher ?

Again, it all depends on the model. Some will need specialized small brushes while others are much simpler to maintain.

How often do I need to change the water in the fountain ?

It is advisable to change the water at least once a week. Meanwhile, if you see that the volume drops dangerously, add a little to facilitate the circulation.

Are there other things to know about the fountain care ?

Most dog waterers work with filters that need to be changed every 3 to 4 weeks. Otherwise, the efficiency of the filtration mechanism will decrease. Also, the engine must be cleaned on an regular basis (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) to prevent the accumulation of debris that could cause premature wear.



  • Fresh water supply at all times
  • Convenient
  • Lessens worry that your dog ran out of water while you are away from home
  • Filters impurities from the water
  • Your dog is encouraged to drink more since it seems like a toy
  • Easy to clean
  • Some models have upper and lower dish options for multiple dog use


  • Cost
  • Filters can become clogged due to excessive dog saliva
  • Most can only be used indoors


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Your devoted Kikie xx


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