Older dogs: the 10 most common health problems


Your dog is over 7 years old? In this case, he is considered old. And if he has more than 10, it is because he has entered old age. However, larger dogs get older faster than small dogs . But, in all cases, it is better to be particularly vigilant as soon as your animal has reached the age of 7 years. As you get older, it becomes more fragile and can be more easily subject to health problems. However, the faster the problem is taken care of, the less risk there is for it to have serious consequences on the health of your dog!

Be careful, if you notice any unusual changes in behavior or symptoms in your dog, take him to a veterinarian quickly!


  • 1. The loss of sight
  • 2. Osteoarthritis
  • 3. Cancer
  • 4. Increasing urination
  • 5. Dental problems
  • 6. Skin problems
  • 7. Overweight
  • 8. Senile dementia
  • 9. Loss of hearing
  • 10. Heart problems

1. The loss of sight

Your dog bumps more and more often against walls or furniture? This is the sign that he is losing his sight. In this case, do not panic, this is usually part of the normal aging process in our canine friends.

However, it is better still to seek the advice of a veterinarian because it can also suffer from an eye problem , such as cataracts, conjunctivitis or corneal injury.

2. Osteoarthritis

As they get older, it is not uncommon for dogs to have osteoarthritis. This degenerative joint disease gradually destroys the cartilage of the joints . It causes pain that can be particularly intense , especially when it comes to jumping, going up or down the stairs or just to move.

If your dog has osteoarthritis, you will have to arrange your interior to make it easier for him. For example, installing ramps so that he can climb on the bed or couch without jumping, invest in an orthopedic bed or shelter him from the cold and damp.

3. Cancer

Unfortunately, cancer is not just for humans. Dogs too can be victims. This disease is one of the leading causes of death among our dog friends.

The most common cancers in dogs are lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system), osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and breast tumors .

4. Increasing urination

With age, many dogs start to urinate more and more often . This can even lead to urinary incontinence.

Generally, increasing urination is an indicator of illness . It may be kidney failure or a urinary tract infection .

5. Dental problems

If your dog has bad breath , bleeding gums or chewing gums, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Indeed, older dogs are particularly prone to oral problems, especially if they have not benefited from regular toothbrushing or annual dental care from the veterinarian.

However, it is important not to minimize a dental problem, it can have serious consequences on the health of your dog, or even shorten its life expectancy !

6. Skin problems

As he gets older, your dog may be more prone to skin problems. This can result in sores , rashes , hair loss , dry skin or bumps under the skin .

In any case, even though it may be a benign problem, it is safer to consult a veterinarian.

7. Overweight

Weight gain is not uncommon in older dogs. Indeed, they tend to be less active than before but to eat just as much. Obesity is now the leading cause of death .The reason ? It often causes serious diseases , including heart disease or diabetes.

So, if your senior dog is overweight, you must absolutely lose weight. Survival question!

8. Senile dementia

Like humans when they get older, dogs may have some form of senile dementia, called canine cognitive dysfunction . This condition resembles in many ways Alzheimer’s disease that we know.

So, if your dog is confused, disoriented, irritable, if he does not remember the meaning of certain orders or if he begins to pace at night in the house, it is something do not go.

9. Loss of hearing

Like loss of vision, hearing loss is commonly seen in older dogs. But do not panic !If your dog becomes deaf, you can still teach him hand signals to communicate with him.

Good to know : to find out if your dog is deaf, stand behind him and make sure he does not see you and clap his hands loudly. If he does not react, he does not hear anymore.

10. Heart problems

If your dog seems to be getting tired faster than usual, if he is rapidly out of breath, coughing or having difficulty breathing even at rest, there is cause for concern.

Heart disease is relatively common in older dogs. It is therefore safer to react to any unusual sign.

Note that other diseases (hypothyroidism, renal failure …) can often be observed in older dogs. Be very vigilant!

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