Grooming 101 ( Part one )


Grooming your pet is not as simple as it seems. How to dematt, bathe, dry, ears cleaning, nail clipping and even much more. There are so many things to know before we even start. What you should and should not do, My mom as been a groomer for 12 years and she is still learning things, new products, new styles, different ways of doing things, all the new tools that are coming out, and how they are working and so many products to use (regular, natural or organic). So many choices. I will try to help you make a good inform decision.


BEFORE WE EVEN BEGIN: Let’s start with: how to avoid having to untangle your pet, It might seem a bit strange to star with this, but in the end it would probably save you a lot of time dematting your pet, and less pain for him (her) you also would spent quality time with them.

I know that everybody as a pretty busy schedule, but try to find a moment in the day that would be good for you to brush and comb your furry friend, maybe before work or when you are watching television at night. After a while it will become a routine (habit). There is also two other very important things, when your pet comes back inside all wet from the rain or full of snow balls in his (her) fur, DO NOT RUB HIM WITH A TOWEL, just slowly use the towel from the head to the tail, and the from the top of his (her)  legs to the bottom, as a single stroke with no rubbing of any kind….AND NEVER EVER WASH A CAT OR A DOG BEFORE DE MATTING YOUR PET FIRST.

Now if for a reason or another your cat or dog as knots, here’s how to dematt (untangle) your pet and what are the tools you will need: a de matt spray or conditioner, a dematting comb, a regular comb, a flea comb (or as my Mom calls it a fine tooth comb) and a brush.


DE-TANGLE SPRAY: Spray the knot and work it in to the fur, then use a brush separate the fur taking small amount of fur at a time and brush gently the knot out, starting from the end of the fur to the roots.


dematt conditionner

DEMATT PET CONDITIONNER: Wet your pet that put a little of ez de MATT conditioner (or any other brand of your choice) on your pet fur and work it in than gently brush it to take the knots out then rinse well ( My mom prefer using the conditioner before the shampoo when the fur is matted).

DE-MATTING COMB: Slide the dematting comb under the fur, and again gently lift the comb by turning your hand toward you, as soon as there enough space put your fingers to hold the strand of your pet’s hair and hold then so that you don’t pull to much your dog as you untangle is fur, you can repeat until the knot is all gone. ( be careful not to hurt yourself or your pet, the comb is made with little blades) the dematting comb can be use by left or wright handed people, by switching the blades around.


THE REGULAR AND THE FLEA COMB : When the knots are loose you can use the regular comb to get them free, if there are still little knots you can that use the flea comb (or fine comb as my mom calls it) to get those tiny one out.


Here is an example of a dog with too many knots. Please don’t wait till your dog looks like this. Before it happens please visit a professional groomer to groom your dog, because if you do it yourself you could hurt your dog, if you don’t know the correct way to do it.




Bathing a cat or a dog is not quite the same thing, I know I already had a post about bathing your pet, but I think their is still a lot to say about it.

BATHING YOUR CAT.: Most cats don’t like baths or water it’s a matter of fact, with of course some exceptions like the Maine coon who loves water, but liking water is far from liking bath. That may be the reason they clean themselves all the time, and that they tend to do a lot of, about 50% of their waking hours is spent grooming.

They clean themselves for many reasons like, protection from predators, to cool down, to distribute natural oil evenly around their coat, to keep wounds clean or to stimulate blood flow. But taking a real bath is far from their favorite things to do.

BATHING YOUR DOG.: Even if dogs tolerate bath time more than cats, some of them hate bath time and will run and hide as soon as they ear the bath filling up, (like me!! What, you thought that because my Mom is a groomer that I had to love bath).

I will not say much more about bathing dogs since we already had a post about it, but just remember that their is a lot a different product out there, dry shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, detangle conditioner, detangle spray, static spray, and yes we do have gel and hair spray too, some of us like to feel pretty, even if we don’t like bath.

But I will save this for part two of grooming 101.

Love Kikie xx


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