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How to choose your pet Shampoo? Since I already had a post on bathing your pet, I will try to demystify the shampoo situation or should I say what shampoo do I need.

Let’s star at the beginning.

CAT SHAMPOO: Never use a dog shampoo to bathe your cat, since cats are always licking themselves, the ingredients contained in a dog shampoo could be armful for your cat. You should always look at the instruction on the bottle, it might say for cats and dogs or dog only, if it doesn’t I would recommend you use a puppy shampoo, it is milder for your cat.

PUPPY SHAMPOO: You should always use a puppy shampoo for your little one, it is a milder choice for them, it won’t hurt their skin and are usually tears less. My Mom sometimes uses a puppy shampoo when she as to wash me often and since it is a milder shampoo, it is not as damaging for my skin.

A GENERAL OR REGULAR SHAMPOO: General or regular purpose shampoo, can be used on most dog, but it will not help any medical problem. These shampoo comes in different sent and ingredients like almond, oatmeal.

NATURAL SHAMPOO; Natural shampoo contain natural ingredients so they are a good choice for your pet, because they are gentle.

COLOR ENHANCING SHAMPOO: For the whitest white, the brightest brown or even the nicest black, they will bring out the colors, it makes your dogs fur looking shiny and healthy.

MEDICATED SHAMPOO: mostly recommended by your vet for a specific skin problem (dry dandruff, greasy dandruff or any other skin disorder.

FLEA SHAMPOO: fleas shampoo will kill fleas on your dog, but will not prevent them from getting back.

DRY SHAMPOO OR WATER LESS SHAMPOO: usually a foam or liquid spay. You can use them in between bath, or to get rid smelly wet dog odor or other unpleasant sent.

CONDITIONNER: My mom use conditioner for different reasons, to get rid of matted hair, specially on long hair dog so they don’t get tangle with in the bath tub or with the dryer, on curly hair dogs, on rugged hair dogs or on dogs that shedding fur.

DEODORIZER: they are like spritz, mist or Cologne you can use them on very smelly dogs



DRYING YOUR CAT: drying a cat is not an easy task, but if you decide to dry your cat with a dryer, first use a towel to get most of the water out, than put your dryer at the lower speed so that you don’t scare him (her) too much. Cats don’t really like the noise of the dryer, not that dogs like it, but they usually are more used to it than cats. Good luck!!

DRYING YOUR DOG: Even if dogs are used to being dried with a dryer, they still are not fans of it, they don’t really like the loud noise of a dryer or the wind on their face. First use a towel to get the excess water out, gently without rubbing, in a single stroke front to back.

Then with either a hair dryer or a professional grooming dryer, specially if it’s a big dog, you might find it easier and faster to use a professional grooming dryer. You can find different models of grooming dryer.

Be careful not to burn your dog, you really have keep moving the dryer, because if you leave it at the same place for to long, you will burn your dog, since it tens to get really hot for a pet sensitive skin.


CLEANING YOUR CAT’S EARS: Cleaning your cat’s ears is an easy task, you can either take a Qtip or cotton ball and an ear cleaning liquid, than gently rub to get the dirt out, DO NOT go to far in the cat’s ear, just clean the part of the ear you can see.

CLEANING YOUR DOG’S EARS: Cleaning your dog’s ears, my Mom as a groomer used to pull all the hair out of the ears, but now vets are saying that it could be armful to get them out. They are now saying that if you do take them out, it might give your dog ears infections.

But if your dog already has a problem with his ears, than you can cut the ear’s hairs as short as you can, or take just a few hair out at a time, by pulling on them with an eyebrow clip, you can use an ear powder that makes taking them out easier, and in the same time it doesn’t hurt your dog as much.

When you do get the hair out of his (her) ears, than use the cleaning liquid and with either Qtip or cotton balls gently get the dirt out, just remember not to go to deep.


CLEANING YOUR DOG’S EYES: If your dog has tears stains, specially if he (she) is a white dog it shows even more, it’s like a brownish color on a white dog, it makes your dog look dirty. There are some wipes that you can use, but the thing is if you only do it once in a while it won’t do anything, you really have to do it every day to get a good result.

CLEAN THE EYES OF YOUR PET: If your pet has tears, especially if your animal is white, it is more apparent and more annoying for the owner, the brownish color makes your pet looks dirty, even if he has just been washed. There are small towels or liquid to clean the eyes, but must be done every day, otherwise you will not see results.



You devoted Kikie xx



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