Cats Clothing – Even some cats loves to wear clothes.

Coquine Haloween

KikieHi, it:s me again, Kikie your devoted little Morkie. In today’s post I’m going to talk about cats clothing. I will talk about the feline clothing industry and I’m also going to introduce you to the two lovely cats we have at home, Coquine is a female silver color with yellow eyes, and Nookie is more of a chestnut color with sometime orange et green color eyes,

Cat’s clothing industry

Like the dogs clothing, the cats clothes industry is something really big in this world, lots of people own cats and they love to dress them so they look pretty. As for today over 47,1 millions household own a cat, 32% are boomers, 35% are millennial. So the industry is pretty big and it continues to grow every day.

The kitty clothing industry offers a lot of different outfits and costumes for your lovely cats. Like dogs, we have a lot of designers working in the kitten clothing industry, they work with thousands of cats to develop and market a hundred of different collections.

Buying clothes for their cats is increasingly popular, with 60% of millennial saying they are likely to buy sweaters, coats, dresses and other fashion for their cats. It is an especially strong category, which reports 33% growth in cat products and accessories.

My two lovely sisters Coquine and Nookie.

CoquineI have two friendly cats living with me in our household. They are my friends but I love to chase them whenever I have a chance. There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m just doing it to have some fun, and to make them do a bit of exercise, since they are house cats and they need to exercise to be honest.

Coquine is very friendly, maybe a bit too much, she always come next to the fence because she want to be pet, I admit that makes me a bit jealous, Nookie is a bit more timid she stays in the bathroom or in there room. They tend to stay more in the bathroom in summer, they lie in the bath or the shower, it’s the coolest area in the house.

From time to time they try to come in the living room, but… that’s our place ( My brother and sister and my place ). So I let them know that it is not acceptable.Nookie

So when they come on our side, I love to chase them, to let them know I’m the boss, my sister Kellie and my brother Bisou are more tolerant they don’t bother with them too much, It’s also giving me something to do, and in the same time it’s making me exercise too so I it keep me in shape, so I can fit in all my nice dresses,

But I have to admit cats run faster and jump higher than I can, so they use these advantages to run away from me. But I am patient I wait for them on the ground and when they decide to move,,,,here we go again .

When does cat loves wearing clothes ?

Well to be honest some cats like to wear clothes but most of them don’t, they sometimes just stay still like they were stock to the ground, or they try to take them off for any reason. But when you start dressing them when they are kittens, they get used to it, but when you do dress them up, they sometime look pretty, sometimes hilarious and sometime they just looks weird to be honest.

Cats doesn’t really like to be taking out to real world events, like fair or flea market. Cats are usually more independent and less social than us dogs. But sometimes you can see cats wearing clothes in events, but undressed or all dressed up I like to chase them down. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just for fun… you know ?

Where can we find cat clothes ?

My Mom put scarfs, bow ties or neckties to every cat she grooms , but you can find cats clothes in pets shop, mostly any big store like Walmart, and of course you can also find them online. Later’s on Kikies Kiss, I will show you many collections of feline clothing and I will also show you where you can find many deals online.

I will expose the greatest collections and some of the best deals you can find out here, so you can dress up your cats to be the most beautiful cat in town, everyone will want to hug them and take them in their arms.


In conclusion, the cats clothing industry is getting almost as big as the dogs clothing especially for the cat lovers like you. Cat clothing will take a big part of the content on Kikies Kiss website. We will offer you the best collections at the best possible price within our site.

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Lilie’s friends  – ( Les amis de Lilie )

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