Big heats: 15 tips to refresh your dog.


When the sunny days return, the heat wave too. And just like you, your dog is hot, very hot. But he, unlike you, sweats very little. In case of high heat, he may have difficulty cooling the temperature of his body. In this case, you need to help him cool off to avoid dehydration but also a possible heat stroke that could be deadly for your dog !


  • 1. Wet her paws
  • 2. Install a wet towel
  • 3. Refresh your rooms
  • 4. Use a fogger
  • 5. Promote wet food
  • 6. Build a shelter
  • 7. Do not let him go out between noon and 4 pm
  • 8. Give him fresh water
  • 9. Put a damp cloth on his body
  • 10. Place a bottle of fresh water in his bed
  • 11. Brush it
  • 12. Install a plastic pool
  • 13. Buy a refreshing mattress
  • 14. Opt for a cool coat
  • 15. Go on vacation!

1. Wet her paws

The sweat glands of the dog, which allow him to sweat, are under his feet, between his pads. Thus, if you want to refresh your dog, it is much more useful to wet his paws rather than his head or back. So just put a wet glove on the legs of your dog or immerse his legs in the water (especially not ice water!).

2. Install a wet towel

In order to give your dog a cool spot, soak a fresh water towel and drop it in a place in the house where your ball of hair likes to take a nap . If he agrees to sleep on it, he will be delighted to enjoy a little of this welcome freshness.

3. Refresh your rooms

If there is some air outside, open the windows wide while leaving the shutters closed to create a small draft in the house. You can also place wet towels in front of your windows to humidify the air. If it is still too hot, cover your fan with a damp cloth, this will immediately cool the room and your dog will be more delighted. Be careful not to place the fan too close to your dog’s face or to put it too hard.

4. Use a fogger

In case of high heat, the fogger is our best friend. Indeed, water vaporizers are very practical objects to refresh the body in an instant. They are just as good for dogs who will appreciate regular sprays on parts of their body devoid of hair. Pads, belly and inner thighs are especially recommended for cooling. However, be sure to avoid the eyes . In addition, you can also spray water favorite berths of your dog!

5. Promote wet food

If you have the opportunity to give your dog wet, pie- like food, it will have the merit of moisturizing it. Otherwise, a little trick is to moisten his kibble with water. And luckily, many dogs prefer when their croquettes are softer!

6. Build a shelter

If your dog is used to staying outside during the day, it is better to build a small niche where he can shelter from the sun and heat. Indeed, dogs do not always realize that they are cooking until they feel uncomfortable …


7. Do not let him go out between noon and 4 pm

If you want to protect your dog from the heat, the wisest is not to let him out outside at the hottest hours of the day. So avoid walks between noon and 4 pm, especially on bitumen that tends to heat throughout the day and can therefore cause severe burns on the pads of your dog.

8. Give him fresh water

Unlike cats, dogs do not hesitate to drink when they are thirsty. However, their water should always be clean and cool to encourage them to hydrate. You can even put several water bowls all over the house so that your dog always has quick access to fresh water. Note that it is not recommended to put ice cubes in its water because it may not only swallow but in addition, drink ice water may cause digestive disorders .

9. Put a damp cloth on his body

If your dog is not a big fan of water, do not hesitate to give him a damp cloth all over his body to refresh it. Emphasize areas without hair , including the belly and thighs. And if, on the contrary, it is a great swimmer, why not find a stream where he can swim as he pleases!


10. Place a bottle of fresh water in his bed

For your dog to lower body temperature, wrap a bottle of previously frozen water in a cloth and place it where your pet usually sleeps. You can also use an anti-pain gel that you have put in the fridge.

11. Brush it

It may seem strange, but brushing your dog every day can remove the excess dead hair and thus relieve some of this fur so cumbersome in summer.

12. Install a plastic pool

Do you have a garden? Your home is particularly subject to heat, lack of shade? So buying a plastic pool (with a non-slip surface for added safety) can be a solution to please your best furry friend. He will not only be able to cool off as he pleases, but also play like crazy with or without you!


13. Buy a refreshing mattress

Yes, it exists! The gel capsules contained in the mattress provide a feeling of intense refreshment each time the dog puts the paw on one of them. Ingenious, no?

14. Opt for a cool coat

A simple dip in a basin of fresh water and this clever coat will keep your dog cool for nearly 3 hours . And it’s convenient, it clings with a scratch !

15. Go on vacation!

If you know that a heat wave is approaching and you have the opportunity to go on holiday with your dog, why not choose a more … Nordic destination ?!

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