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KikieHi, my name is Kikie, i am a little Morkie ( mix between a Yorkshire and a Maltese ). I am 4 years old and I live with my parents here in Canada. My mom has her own pet Grooming company in our basement since 2007, she also takes photos of them dressed up once they are groomed, so I’m used to wear cloths since I was born and am loving it.

I also live with Bisou a 10 years old male YorkShire, Kellie a female YorkShire who just turn 14 years this june. And I also have 2 friendly Persian cats in our house, which are named Coquine and Nookie.

Later I will show you pictures of me and my friends wearing lots of cute little outfits. My mom owns a lot of different outfits that her customers and i wear for pictures , I would say over 200 different pieces that I love to wear for the pictures and even when we go outside or at any real world events.

Peoples tend to stop my mom so that they can take pictures of me and they cant resist taking me in their arms and gives me kisses, saying how pretty I am all dressed up. The kids also really love seeing me all dressed up.


I would love to help you find the cloths you want for your lovely little four-legged friends. I’ll show you photos of my friends and I wearing all kinds of different dresses, jackets and even costumes, like doctors, police, santa claus and many more. So that you will be able to dress them up and make them pretty like me on a daily basis.


My goal here at Kikie’s Kiss, is to show you Cats and dogs clothes and accessories. Make reviews of pets clothing. Showing you tons of photos of me and my friends wearing clothes. Finding for you the best cloths and deals on the internet, also special pets collections and even special events costumes like Christmas, Easter, Halloween and even more.

We are in for a great ride, follow me on a daily basis and I assure you i will help you find the best deals on pet’s clothing whitin my little internet home.

Please take the time to leave a comment, I would like to hear from you.

( All pictures included were taking by my mom at
Lilie’s friends  – ( Les amis de Lilie )

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